His Boundless Word

In these days of quarantine, social distancing, stay-at-home, and always wash your hands–we can feel stifled, closed in, and bound. Not bound by the laws of health only but by our fears and worries as well. In the midst of these concerns, how blessed I was to read these words: Remember Jesus Christ, risen fromContinue reading “His Boundless Word”

Leap Over A Wall by Eugene H. Peterson–Book Review

Eugene Peterson is best known for his translation of the Bible published in 2002 when Peterson was seventy years old. He spent many years before then as a college professor (teaching Hebrew and Greek), then a small-town pastor but became known all over the world with the publication of “The Message: The Bible in ContemporaryContinue reading “Leap Over A Wall by Eugene H. Peterson–Book Review”

“My Name is Absalom” Part 3 by P.M. Gilmer

This is part three of “My Name is Absalom”. If you haven’t read parts one and two, please go back and read my last two blogs: https://declaretonextgeneration.com/2017/07/28/my-name-is-absalom-part-1/ https://declaretonextgeneration.com/2017/08/04/my-name-is-absalom-part-2-by-p-m-gilmer/ I arrived at the palace and headed straight for the dining hall. I didn’t see either of my parents–only a few of my younger siblings as wellContinue reading ““My Name is Absalom” Part 3 by P.M. Gilmer”

“My Name is Absalom” Part 2 by P.M. Gilmer

Here is part two of my continuing story. If you missed part one, please click on following link: https://declaretonextgeneration.com/2017/07/28/my-name-is-absalom-part-1/   Now I come to the part of my story which is the most difficult for me to tell, but, unfortunately, it is the most important and explains how and why things changed so much betweenContinue reading ““My Name is Absalom” Part 2 by P.M. Gilmer”

Declare to (the) Next Generation

  Well, I said a few weeks back that I would take some time to explain the name of my blog. When I started my blog, I had in mind writing about homeschooling and sharing news in education (mostly in reading and writing). I wanted to share and review any books that I consider worthwhile,Continue reading “Declare to (the) Next Generation”