C.S. Lewis Space Trilogy–ebook sale

“There are a dozen views about everything until you know the answer. Then there is never more than one.”  from: That Hideous Strength I have read C.S. Lewis’s space trilogy several times and am always amazed at the wisdom and insight he was able to put into these books. I wrote about the first–Out of theContinue reading “C.S. Lewis Space Trilogy–ebook sale”

A Blessing for the New Baby by Luci Shaw

Lightly as a falling star, immense, may you drop into the body of the pure young girl like a seed into its furrow, entering your narrow home under the shadow of Gabriel’s feathers. May your flesh shape itself within her, swelling her with shame and glory. May her belly grow round as a small planet,Continue reading “A Blessing for the New Baby by Luci Shaw”