One Starry Night–A Christmas Poem (part 3)

One Starry Night (part 3) A manger, they knew, would be found where the animals were fed, so they made their way behind the first inn and followed the sounds (and smells) of animals whose nightly slumber had been disturbed. Quietly, they approached a cave carved into a small hill where the soft, smoky glowContinue reading “One Starry Night–A Christmas Poem (part 3)”

One Starry Night–A Christmas Poem (part 2)

One Starry Night (part 2) The shepherds all gathered together to discuss this news that had been given to them. “Could this be true?” one old grizzled veteran shepherd asked. “A baby who is the Christ?” “Did you ever hear such singing?” asked another, his eyes still on the sky and his ears still ringingContinue reading “One Starry Night–A Christmas Poem (part 2)”

One Starry Night–A Christmas Poem (part 1)

One Starry Night  (part 1) A long day finally over, the sheep now settled to sleep. The weary shepherds found places to rest–some to lay their heads; others to keep watch over their flocks (many of them destined to be a sacrifice for man’s sins), alert for any dangers that might be lurking or for anyContinue reading “One Starry Night–A Christmas Poem (part 1)”

A Blessing for the New Baby by Luci Shaw

Lightly as a falling star, immense, may you drop into the body of the pure young girl like a seed into its furrow, entering your narrow home under the shadow of Gabriel’s feathers. May your flesh shape itself within her, swelling her with shame and glory. May her belly grow round as a small planet,Continue reading “A Blessing for the New Baby by Luci Shaw”

Happy Birthday, Luci Shaw!

Today is the poet, Luci Shaw’s 83rd birthday. Ms.Shaw was born in London on 12/29/1928. She is the author of ten volumes of poetry and a charter member of the Chrysostom Society of Writers. Ms. Shaw became a naturalized U.S. citizen in 1995. She graduated with high honors from Wheaton College in 1953. She hasContinue reading “Happy Birthday, Luci Shaw!”

Mary’s Song by Luci Shaw

Mary’s Song Blue homespun and the bend of my breast keep warm this small hot naked star fallen to my arms. (Rest . . . you who have had so far to come.) Now nearness satisfies the body of God sweetly. Quiet he lies whose vigor hurled a universe. He sleeps whose eyelids have notContinue reading “Mary’s Song by Luci Shaw”