Getting Back to Normal?

How many times have you heard, thought, or said the words, “When things get back to normal–“? Are you hoping things will change before you start a new project? Are you just sitting back and waiting for things to get back to normal before you make any new commitments? Though we may be living withContinue reading “Getting Back to Normal?”

If God Had Chosen Quarantine by P.M. Gilmer

If God Had Chosen Quarantine What if God had chosen to quarantine Himself (as the agnostics would have us believe)? To be isolated from the virus of man, to keep a social and moral and holy distance from Heaven to earth, (six feet, six miles–it may as well be a million of either), then whatContinue reading “If God Had Chosen Quarantine by P.M. Gilmer”

Your Story Matters–Leslie Leyland Fields

  I have often considered writing “my story,” my testimony, something to leave to my children. Several weeks ago, my pastor encouraged us as a congregation to do that very thing. Write down your story. Why? Because it is your testimony of God’s power in your life. No one can argue with your story, discountContinue reading “Your Story Matters–Leslie Leyland Fields”

One Starry Night–A Christmas Poem (part 3)

One Starry Night (part 3) A manger, they knew, would be found where the animals were fed, so they made their way behind the first inn and followed the sounds (and smells) of animals whose nightly slumber had been disturbed. Quietly, they approached a cave carved into a small hill where the soft, smoky glowContinue reading “One Starry Night–A Christmas Poem (part 3)”

One Starry Night–A Christmas Poem (part 2)

One Starry Night (part 2) The shepherds all gathered together to discuss this news that had been given to them. “Could this be true?” one old grizzled veteran shepherd asked. “A baby who is the Christ?” “Did you ever hear such singing?” asked another, his eyes still on the sky and his ears still ringingContinue reading “One Starry Night–A Christmas Poem (part 2)”

One Starry Night–A Christmas Poem (part 1)

One Starry Night  (part 1) A long day finally over, the sheep now settled to sleep. The weary shepherds found places to rest–some to lay their heads; others to keep watch over their flocks (many of them destined to be a sacrifice for man’s sins), alert for any dangers that might be lurking or for anyContinue reading “One Starry Night–A Christmas Poem (part 1)”

NC Christian Writers Conference 18

Last week I attended a writers’ conference in Liberty, N.C. put on by Serious Writer ( Going to a conference can be a big commitment as well as an extra expense–especially for struggling writers. What are some reasons for attending a writers’ conference? To meet other writers. Why is this important? We writers spend ourContinue reading “NC Christian Writers Conference 18”

My Name is Hadesh Part 2 by P.M. Gilmer

If you missed part 1, here’s the link: From Part 1: At almost fourteen, I found myself pregnant and soon Jemimah was as well. It may sound foolish, but it excited us both to think of having our own child. I promised myself, and the LORD God, that I would take care of this baby, andContinue reading “My Name is Hadesh Part 2 by P.M. Gilmer”

“My Name is Hadesh” part 1 by P.M. Gilmer

This is the story of Hadesh, to be told in eight parts.  I grew up in the city of Jerusalem during the days of King Solomon. I know some people only think of King Solomon as the man who built the temple and had so many wives, but I will always remember him for theContinue reading ““My Name is Hadesh” part 1 by P.M. Gilmer”

Charles Dickens and Serial Fiction

Starting tomorrow, I will begin posting a new story in eight parts. I will not wait a week between each posting as I did with my last story, and each installment (except the last) will be considerably shorter than the installments of “My Name is Absalom.” I believe these shorter installments will be more attractiveContinue reading “Charles Dickens and Serial Fiction”