“My Name is Hadesh” part 1 by P.M. Gilmer

This is the story of Hadesh, to be told in eight parts.  I grew up in the city of Jerusalem during the days of King Solomon. I know some people only think of King Solomon as the man who built the temple and had so many wives, but I will always remember him for theContinue reading ““My Name is Hadesh” part 1 by P.M. Gilmer”

“My Name is Absalom” Part 5 by P. M. Gilmer

If you missed last week of this continuing story, here’s the link for part four: https://declaretonextgeneration.com/2017/08/18/my-name-is-absalom-part-4-by-p-m-gilmer/ Unfortunately, my plans had to be delayed when another tragedy occurred in my family. It is not my intention to speak of this event now. I only mention it to partially explain why it took me almost two yearsContinue reading ““My Name is Absalom” Part 5 by P. M. Gilmer”

My Name is Absalom: Part 1 by P.M. Gilmer

“My Name is Absalom”–A Story Told in Seven Parts My sister, Tamar, is the most important person in my life. That may sound strange, but let me explain about my family life. My father, a king, has a multitude of wives and, consequently, an even greater multitude of children. I am the third of sixContinue reading “My Name is Absalom: Part 1 by P.M. Gilmer”