Surprised by Oxford

“So faced with a thousand-year old institution, I learned to pick my battles. Rather than resist, for instance, the archaic book-ordering system in the Bodleian Library with technological mortification, I discovered the treasure in embracing its seeming quirkiness. Often, when the wrong book came up from the annals after my order, I found it toContinue reading “Surprised by Oxford”

Internship at SPCC

I just finished my library internship at South Piedmont Community College.  Finally being able to do some hands-on work at a library was very rewarding. I did weeding, updated libguides, added links to research guides, and updated computers. WEEDING END OF A REFERENCE ERA I was also able to attend a conference by the MetrolinaContinue reading “Internship at SPCC”

Learning to be a Librarian

I have learned a lot about being a librarian while going to school for  my masters. Really. All kinds of technical stuff like classification, collection development, that special code librarians have called MARC, and all about who in the world was Melville Dewey. But some of the most useful information I’ve picked up has beenContinue reading “Learning to be a Librarian”