What is Christian Fiction? And What Should it Be?

Appreciate the discussion going on here. Christian fiction has many roles just as there are many gifts in the church.

Discerning Lilies

My last post (CF Books: Heading toward extinction? Or adapting to a new market?) received a fair amount of attention, and a good number of thoughtful comments both on this blog and on various Facebook pages.  So I want to extend the conversation a little further.  There are a few ideas that ran as common themes in the comment section, and today I want to pick one of them to tease out a little further.

The Goal of Christian Fiction

A few years ago, Library Journal posted an article by Melanie C. Duncan that spotlighted Christian fiction.  Duncan counters traditional opinion that CF readers are solely white, middle-aged, and women.  She also counters the stereotype that CF novels are safe, gentle, and simplistic.

These are the same arguments many have brought up in their comments in the last couple of days.  And I find it interesting that the…

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Author: pmgilmer

I am a happily married Christian woman with 5 kids that I homeschooled. I recently received my masters in library science from East Carolina University and am now writing some great stories that I trust will bless and encourage others in the near future. I read books of all genres, but my favorite is historical fiction. I am also writing historical fiction, so I will be posting reviews and news in that area. Happy reading!

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